Armin van Buuren Praises Andrew Rayel as One of ‘CNN’s Ones to Watch’

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Photo via Facebook – Andrew Rayel/Insomniac Events

It is no secret that Andrew Rayel has been emerging as one of the most talented producers in electronic dance music.

The Moldovan born producer has traveled to every continent besides Antarctica, giving fans over 650 performances in the process. Deemed the ‘Modern Day Mozart’ by fellow producer Armin van Buuren, Andrew Rayel is poised to become one of the most recognizable names in all of EDM.

However, this type of praise is not something that is simply thrown around.

In the second episode of ‘CNN’s Ones to Watch,’ the international media outlet dives into the world of electronic dance music.

During the feature, which airs November 7, Armin discusses why Andrew Rayel is on pace to take over the industry. Through his constant dedication to refining his production skills in the studio and while on tour, Rayel has set himself up to be the face of EDM in the coming years.

Says Rayel of the praise:

I was always a shy person. I never thought that me, from Moldova…can be right there with the big names, with the big DJs. I was dreaming about that – and it’s happening right now.

Speaking with up-and-comer, one can quickly get a sense of the foundations for his success. When speaking to his background, influences, and drive for perfection Rayel shifts to a tone that exudes passion and sincerity.

To find out more about the Armada Music prodigy head over to our exclusive interviews with Andrew Rayel during Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas and TomorrowWorld.

‘CNN Ones to Watch’ airs on CNN International during the following times:

  • Friday, November 7 – 10:30 GMT and 16:30 GMT
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  • Monday, November 10 – 04:30 GMT and 09:30 GMT
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  • Wednesday, November 12 – 04:30 GMT

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Source: CNN

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