Let’s Throwback To Vanic’s Alluring Remix of Zella Day’s Beyond “Hypnotic” Track

British Columbia-based DJ and producer Vanic, known by friends as Jesse Hughes, blessed fans with a remix of Zella Day’s “Hypnotic” last year. Vanic’s production is mesmerizing and ambient, yet each track makes you dance. His collaboration with American singer and songwriter Zella Day from Pinetop, Arizona puts the icing on the cake. This collaborative remix is beyond hypnotic.

Zella’s voice and appearance resembles an indie Miley Cyrus. Her presence is so authentic, magnetic, and warm. I got to witness her sold out show at The Moroccan Lounge with boyfriend Korey Dane on November 21, 2017. The duo released “Blood On The Mattress” this year. At the show, they sang the song together. She began it with poetic words that had everyone swooning as he smiled at her,

“I always wrote songs about other people and for the first time a song was written about me.”

Korey Dane

Vanic’s remix of Zella Day’s “Hypnotic” is alluring, captivating, and will have you craving more.

Hypnotic Cover Art

Vanic and Zella define collaboration.

Zella’s hard-hitting, emotional vocals accompanied by Vanic’s production brings an eclectic and captivating rarity to the table. This is the song you keep on repeat because you just can’t get enough.

Listen for yourself:

“You took to me so well…
Hypnotic taking over me…
Make me feel like someone else…
You got me talking in my sleep…

I don’t wanna come back down…
I don’t wanna touch the ground…
Pacific Ocean, dug so deep…
Hypnotic taking over me…”

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Want more? Listen to Vanic’s remix of K.Flay’s “FML”:

“I need to stop
I been doing too much
I been running too fast
I been testing my luck
I been living cloud nine
I been at it all night

I been feeling so loved
I been waking up lit
I been making up shit
I been spilling my guts
I been feeling so blessed
But stressed all day
So what?”

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Zella Day

Before you go, listen to “Man On The Moon”:

“Alone in my dream room, I want to love you
Alone in my dream room, my body above you

I’m just a man on the moon
I’m not coming down anytime soon

I’m just a man on the moon
Feet off the ground, I’m floating in you…”