Let’s Rage Clothing & Billionaires Apparel Do It Right

Fresh Looks and Dope Threads

Searching for the perfect look to rock this summer throughout the festival circuit, at your local shows, or just on a daily basis? We got you covered. Here are two clothing brands you may not have heard of but should undoubtedly become acquainted with.

Let’s Rage Clothing

lets-rage-thumbnailLet’s Rage Clothing has, hands down, the craziest, trippiest, most original designs of any clothing line on the market. From intensely stimulating aesthetic designs to pop-culture references that tie in to the electronic dance music culture, Let’s Rage Clothing offers fresh gear that is unlikely to be duplicated. Designs range from Pokemon inspired tank tops and kittens shooting lightning bolts from their paws to Carlton and the Fresh Prince getting funky with it.

The culture of Let’s Rage also embodies the EDM community as a whole. These guys aren’t just pumping out garb for the sake of making a profit. They are on the front lines living and breathing the music festival life. They get it, and it resonates with their fans.

Employees and staff also go out of their way to actively engage their followers through social media, inviting them to be part of creative meetings and participate in various contests with the chance of winning some of the eccentric regalia. Always mixing it up, Let’s Rage seems pumps out new designs at an alarming rate, satiating the appetite of their fans who keep wondering what is coming next.

With artists like Borgore rocking their threads you know it’s gotta be dope. Unconventional gear that is a must have for any one that lives for the music.

Let's Rage
Photo via Let’s Rage Clothing

Check them out at Let’s Rage Clothing and Enter Coupon Code “THATDROP” for 10% off.


Billionaires Apparel

Photo via Billionaires

$500 and a dream. Those were the catalysts behind the Billionaires brand that began in Charlotte, North Carolina with Drew Burdick and three friends who focused on creating parties and raves around the UNC Charlotte Campus in 2006. Through dedication to his vision and getting out there on the ground level to push the brand himself, Burdick created slick gear embodying the culture that fueled his passion and innovation from the beginning. 8 years later Billionaires is still bringing sick headwear, outerwear, and t-shirts featuring their flagship Mr. Mayor design.

Work hard. Rave harder. That is the moral of the story.

Like Let’s Rage, Billionaires knows what’s good. Their philosophy says it all:

We believe in building something bigger than yourself. Something that connects & unifies people. We are a community of dreamers pursuing our passions & focusing on being a positive voice in the world.

That’s what Mr. Mayor represents. Coming together at shows far and wide to unite, let loose, and look fresh all at the same time.

Peep it for yourself at Billionaires Apparel

True to Their Colors

What Let’s Rage Clothing and Billionaires Apparel share is a vision that we within the electronic dance community can get behind. With clothing lines popping up left and right attempting to capitalize on the rapidly expanding market these two entities stay true to their colors, all while producing high-quality, dirt-nasty digs that belong in any ravers wardrobe.

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