Leon Lour Creates the New Millennial Anthem by remixing ZHU

If you were born from the late 80’s to early 90’s, then you and an estimate of 79.9 million other people are consider to be a part of ‘Generation Y’, also known as Millennials. While you listen to Leon Lour‘s remix of ZHU‘s ‘Generationwhy’, learn some fun facts about Millennials that are listed below.

  1. 75% see themselves as authentic and are not willing to compromise their family and personal values. [ Bentley University’s Center For Women And Business
  2. On track to become the most educated generation in American history with 63% holding a college degree. [Pew Research]
  3. Millennials are the most racially, ethnically diverse generation yet.[Pew Research Center]
  4. They were more optimistic about the future of the nation than previous generations in a 2014 survey. [Pew Research Center]
  5. In a 2010 survey, millennials reported that their top three priorities were “being a good parent,” “having a successful marriage,” and “helping others in need.” [Pew Research Center]

The positive nature of millennials shines through Lour’s upbeat remix of ‘Generationwhy’.

Leon Lour Remixes ZHU ‘s ‘Generationwhy’

There were a few remixes of ZHU’s track ‘Generationwhy’ but Leon Lour‘s version stood out to us the most. We appreciate the lovely plucks, uplifting lyrics, deep drop and funky dance vibes that this track is comprised of. You can find Leon Lour swinging from Belgium to Ibiza to London. You will be able to find ZHU headlining Middlelands, Spring Awakening, What The Festival and Global Dance Festival this summer.

Now enjoy Leon’s remix of ‘Generationwhy’, the new anthem for millennials.

Listen to Leon Lour’s remix of ZHU’s ‘Generationwhy’ below: 

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