KODA SOUND Releases Heavy Dubstep Single “Cessation”

We absolutely love when artists send us tracks and they turn out to be bangers. New Zealand producer KODA SOUND released his newest dubstep track titled “Cessation” drawing inspiration from ZomboyBear Grillz, and more.

“Cessation” combines several dubstep influences and heavy trap sounds resulting in a unique hybrid track.

KODA SOUND - Cessation
KODA SOUND – Cessation

At first listen, this track draws similar parallels to Zomboy‘s “Dip It” and Bear Grillz‘s “Going Down”. The first drop sounds like if those two tracks had a baby, resulting in a heavy yet upbeat dubstep drop. The second drop channels more hard trap influences from artists such as Riot Ten or SAYMYNAME.

The production and mastering in this track are solid and we’re looking forward to hear more from the New Zealand producer.

Listen to “Cessation below:


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