Kash Trivedi Talks Growing India EDM Scene and What It’s Like to Manage a Record Label [Exclusive Interview]

The electronic dance music scene in India continues to explode as the influences trickle over from Asia.

Festivals like Sunburn have shown the demand coming from the EDM-hungry market which is catching the eyes of festivals, promoters, and events all over the world.

Having been in the game for more than a decade, Kash Trivedi has established himself as one of the region’s most popular DJ’s. Rising alongside the Indian EDM scene, Trivedi has performed for thousands of fans, including at Sunburn Festival, while establishing his own agency Lohit Records.

We spoke with Kash Trivedi about the state of the India EDM scene, what it’s like to manage your own label, and more in this exclusive interview.

Kash Trivedi Interview
Kash Trivedi Interview

thatDROP: How has music led you to where you are now in your career?

Kash: I think as a child I was always interested in music; eventually it blossomed. I started collecting a lot of music and initiated myself into listening to varied artists. I realised that music was the ultimate way I could express myself and this thought lead to my journey into DJing.

In 2000 I got my first DJ mixer and fortunately have never looked back since. In past 5 years I have created a space for myself in the electronic dance music scene and have given a lot to this genre by making more than 300 productions.

thatDROP: What are some insights you have learned about the the industry that may be helpful for anyone pursuing a career?

Kash: I see lot of talent and passion around this days. It is good for music as an industry. Beyond every technicality is the soul, and from my experience I would say that, if you stay connected to your soul, beautiful music will be the result. This is a very dynamic industry and there cannot be any fixed rules to success. We have examples of people making it big too soon and then there a few who take a lot of struggle and hardwork before they really arrive.

To sum it up, I would say, passion and perseverance always pays, be it sooner or later. A word of caution for aspiring young musicians – get into the industry only for the love of  the music. Attraction for glamour is fatal to careers.

thatDROP: What are some of your favorite places to spin?

Kash: Wherever I find a bunch of music lovers is where I love to be. If I have to single out a few places, I would say I have had a thoroughly great time spinning in Bangalore, Chennai and Colombo.

thatDROP: How has your experience been running your own record label?

Kash Trivedi Interview India EDM
India EDM Producer Kash Trivedi

Kash: To be around anything that has something to do with music is a great thing for me. Be it my role as DJ, Producer or a Label Owner I find it engaging and challenging in equal measure.

To create a successful record label is a huge task and it involves an understanding of various dimensions of industry. First and foremost is to find a right balance of new talent and established names to sign for the label. This has to be followed by great packaging and presentation of the work done. In today’s age, media and communication play a big role in reaching the right audiences.

In earlier days I remember taking care of every small detail of every release, be it design and digital media plan or technical stuff like calibrating the right mix and master of work to be released on our label.

Throughout this process I have learned a lot and I am so glad that today LOHIT is a well accepted label and finds place among the top 100 selling labels on Proton Music.

I must also take this opportunity thank every LOHIT artist and each and every fan of our label for their support and contribution in making LOHIT what it is.

thatDROP: What are some of your favorite tracks to play at the moment?

Kash: I love the entire journey of building up a live set. Having said that currently “Fiji” (Original Mix) – my collab with Paul Thomas and Russel G -and “Touch Me” Remix from Mike Koglin and originals from Kryder are the ones that top my sets.

thatDROP: Describe your sound in two words.

Kash: Melodramatic & Energetic.

Kash Trivedi India EDM Producer
Kash Trivedi performs live.

thatDROP: How would you describe your style of music to someone unfamiliar?

Kash: As an artist I love to experiment. Music is an opportunity to express my feelings. Melodic and energetic sounds always find their way in my music. I love mixing this with groovy and wide, rolling bass lines to big maximal chords.

Lately I have produced a variety of sounds like classic groovy house, melodic chill out, big room/progressive house along with orchestral and tech-y, dark progressive tracks.

I am constantly looking for inspiration and to bring about changes in my music. You will see a lot of experimental and futuristic feel in my productions.

thatDROP: What are your thoughts on the current electronic dance music scene in India?

Kash: EDM is big in India and it will only get bigger from here. Historically India has always been a lover of music and has been open to various genres’ influence. With a growing population of aspiring youth – close to 150 million – new forms of music, particularly EDM, will continue to get bigger and bigger.

We are seeing a surge of new talent coming from non-metro cities which is a sign of this genre being widely accepted. I am hopeful that India will soon be among the top party destinations among the world.

thatDROP: Whose music do you find inspirational?

Kash: As mentioned earlier I have a penchant for collecting and listening to new music. I am constantly updated on the new sounds and experiments happening worldwide. It is difficult to pinpoint a few artists or tracks as inspiration, but if I have to point a few I would mention artists like Kryder, Tomstarr & Oliver Heldens.

Also appreciate the work of producers like Mike Koglin and Norman Doray. I love the way Gareth Emery and Cosmic Gate have brought about changes in the progressive music scene.

Kash Trivedi interview
Kash Trivedi performs at Sunburn Festival in India.

thatDROP: What is your approach to constructing a DJ set? How do you cater for different scenes?

Kash: In a DJ set the most important aspect is energy. To see the crowd swaying to the beats and to give them an opportunity to transcend is my ultimate aim. To achieve this I use a mix of powerful grooves and huge melodies in my sets.

What works most is the intro and the outro of the set so I pay very specific attention to it. I like to start with fresh and unheard intro tracks that gets the crowds attention and, while signing off, I try to leave the crowd on a high using some hand-picked goodbye grooves. My remix of ‘It’s a Fine Day’ is the one I like to sign off with these days and it always works well with my audience.

Every city will have its own taste in music. After all this years of playing live I tend to customize the set based on the vibe of the particular audience. I love to play long sets and use two to three genres while shuffling between vocals, melodies and grooves.

thatDROP: What are your plans for the rest of the year and into the future?

Kash: To make lots and lots of fresh music, to continue to tour and be a part of festival circuit. I have also taken up the challenge to stretch myself into new genres and want to create a niche in new-age musical genre. You shall see something in this space from me soon.

thatDROP: Which record labels & DJ’s have shown their support?

Kash: Recently I got some super releases on Ultraviolet, 405 Recordings and on my own label Lohit. A lot of artists have supported me along the way like Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, W&W, Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Cosmic Gate, Gareth Emery, and Cedric Gervais. Such support keeps me motivated to continue to give my best.

Kash Trivedi performs live at Sunburn Festival in India.
Kash Trivedi performs live at Sunburn Festival in India.

thatDROP: What are you working on right now?

Kash: I have my hands full and I am not complaining! Right now I’m working on couple of remixes for Lohit and Ultraviolet. I’m also working on a few originals with my new found style.

I’m very excited for my remix of “Equador” from Sash, which is one of my favorite tracks of all time.

thatDROP: What thing or equipment could you not be without (not necessarily DJ or music equipment)?

Kash: My iPhone!

thatDROP: What were some of the influences and inspirations in adopting your sound?

Kash: The list is long and it would be unwise to pinpoint a few specific things. Everything affects you along the way. As a sensitive musician, different artists and different genres have influenced me at different points.

During my early days as a listener, Michael Jackson, Queen and Pink Floyd caught my fancy. Later on Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Chicane, Sash and Robert Miles caught my attention. I am a big fan of Eric Prydz, Axwell, Tim Berg, Chris Lake, David Guetta, EDX, Bingo Players, Schiller, Jerome-Isma-Ae, Weekend Heroes, Paul Thomas & Daniel Portman.

The list surely is endless. Good Music defies boundaries of genres. I feel inspired to create music which breaks the barriers of genre and find a place in listeners heart.

thatDROP: Going back and listening to your music over a time, you were kind of a dark techy progressive but you have gone really big room over the last few months or so. Why the sudden change in sound?

Kash: I am a believer in experiments. That is how I discover myself. My music has changed but fans are responding well so I am happy about it. Going ahead you will see a lot of fresh sounds being played with.

thatDROP: What advice do you have for upcoming artists?

Kash: Never give up. Keep experimenting. And sooner or later you will discover your original sound. And yes, the audiences of today is very well informed and so as creator one has to be updated constantly. Follow your instinct and find your soul and great music will automatically find you.

Be sure to connect with Kash Trivedi on Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, and through his official website.

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