Kasbo Shares Warm Single, ‘Show You’, Ahead of Album Release

Today, Swedish producer and electronic artist Kasbo returns with the second single from his highly anticipated sophomore album, The Making of a Paracosm. Following his stunning debut track “Play Pretend ft. Ourchives”, “Show You” sees Kasbo return to his signature sound and offer another taste of the forthcoming full-length project with soaring melodic soundscapes and wistful resounding vocals.

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Kasbo on “Show You” — “When I made “Show You” I wanted to make a song by building a hook out of a long vocal sample by cutting bits and pieces together and creating something different. After writing the piano progression, the song came together as this beautiful soft-spoken love song which I really resonated with, it was careful. I like the idea of repetition in music, especially in lyrics. Even though lyrics might say the same thing, they have different intonations or meanings depending on the music that happens beneath, which creates these lovely nuances in something as simple a phrase repeating over and over again.”

Credit: Olof Grind

“Show You” is the latest nod to Kasbo’s polished production abilities that he’s become so widely praised for. Creating a dreamlike acoustic environment through his varied use of pitched and choppy vocals, silky instrumentation, and euphoric drops, brings a welcomed cohesiveness to the track that further demonstrates his tremendous growth as an artist. “Show You” is drenched in emotion, evoking sentiments of longing and hope, inviting listeners deep into the paracosm of Kasbo’s psyche.

Kasbo’s debut single, “Play Pretend ft. Ourchives” has earned over half a million streams in just a month, proving global excitement for the album release on October 23. His Swedish heritage plays a large part both thematically and instrumentally in the project, which features collaborations from a host of Swedish creatives like Frida Sundemo, Freja The Dragon, Nea, and NOOMI, as well as a notable appearance from Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Pre-order The Making of a Paracosm here.

Kasbo’s first full-length album, Places We Don’t Know, earned over 200 million streams and introduced fans to the transportive nature of Kasbo’s imaginative productions. The Making of a Paracosm will again immerse listeners in a new surreal universe, born out of the dual worlds that live inside Kasbo’s mind between reality and the escape from it.

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