Kartypartyy and Past12 Join Forces For Annihilating Collaboration ‘RAGE’ [Barong Family]

Opening the doors into the realms of bass and dubstep music, Kartypartyy is an ever-evolving producer who has shown no signs of slowing down. Welcoming in the new year on the hardest note, Kartypartyy has joined forces with Past12 for their menacing single ‘RAGE’ featuring no other than Becko.

Kartypartyy & past12 feat. Becko – RAGE

Inviting their fan base to rage no matter what time of the day it is, the highly-anticipated collaboration has found a home on the iconic label Barong Family and will be released this Friday January 20th to the masses. 

As guitar chords and alarming instrumentals flow immaculately with energetic vocals to pump listeners up for the madness to come. All hell breaks lose, as metal crunching sound enhancements and bass-induced signatures quickly take over for all those bass-heads looking to ride the rail during festival season. A collaboration which only continues to go even harder over time, these legendary producers are only getting warmed up in 2023.


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