Julian Jeweil Returns to Drumcode with Outstanding ‘Schema’ EP

One year after his debut album on Drumcode was released, Julian Jeweil returns to the label with a stellar five-track EP. ‘Scchema,’ which dropped January 27th, showcases the rawer and ravier side of the French artist’s sound. 

Julian Jeweil Schema EP
Photo via Valentin Chalandon

The title track is a dark, immersive roller, primed for a Sunday session at Berghain. ‘Outline’ ups the intensity with cascading synth effects and galloping beats. ‘Music’ is the delicious brain-scrambler thanks to its intoxicating brew of shuffling beats and eerie vocals repeating “music” over and over. ‘Axis’ is a slam dunk of industrial bass and 303s and might just be the danciest track on the EP. ‘Landscape’ plunges the atmosphere into deeper territory, still propelled by a pummeling bass and acidic inflections. All five tracks pack their own unique punch and are sure to be staples in upcoming sets across the techno scene in 2020. 

Julian Jeweil Schema EP Drumcode

Listen to ‘Schema’:

Since his debut on Drumcode in 2017, Jeweil has made a name for himself as one of the techno label’s most indispensable artists. He’s been a mainstay of label events, playing the main stage of Drumcode Festival in both 2018 and 2019, Drumcode Halloween in ‘19 and multiple showcases at Watergate in Berlin. Transmission, his inaugural LP, dropped in January 2019 and was an early 2019 monstrous hit, generating multiple Beatport chart-toppers and hitting the Top 3 All Genres charts. It is also great hearing Kaskade REDUX mixing in Jeweil for a ‘Air Conditionne Eyes‘ mash up during his sunset set at CRSSD

Listen and download for free Julian Jeweil in the mix :



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