John Dahlbäck & Melanie Fontana Give Us An Epic Summer Soundtrack

John Dahlbäck, the Swedish DJ and producer, has released some very distinct music over the years. He landed his first record deal while he was still a teenager, and this gave him time to grow artistically. Dahlbäck currently runs his own record label, Mutants, and has also released tracks on labels like Spinnin’ and Big Beat.

John Dahlbäck via Facebook

It’s easy to see that this DJ is truly talented when it comes to creating catchy, fun, and inspired music. On his recently released EP, Color In My Heart, Dahlbäck included an epic house track, “Catch Me If You Can”.

“Catch Me If You Can” features a blissful melody and a cascading, boundless beat creating the perfect summer soundtrack.

John Dahlbäck “Catch Me If You Can”

Listen to John Dahlbäck “Catch Me If You Can”:

With the charming vocals sung by Melanie Fontana, Dahlbäck crafted a high-energy, feel good tune that will definitely become your new favorite.

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