Jauz Interview Along Wise and Wicked Tour

As Jauz is making his way around the US on tour following the release of his latest album, Wrath of the Wicked that showcases his underlining power of bass-fueled music, we got the exclusive interview with, Sam Vogel.

Most know Jauz as the act that covered “Baby Shark” which made the Coachella crowd go nuts or for his insane progressions that leave you suspended and dropping like mayhem, which is present here in this album, but now he pulls back the curtain to offer us the raw drum & bass he has been placing into his sets the whole time as well as a correlating and much appreciated house collection.

Sam’s tour will provide a duality of his spirit, one night hard-hitting the other crisp house and D&B like you have never heard him before. The wicked and wise can attend both complimentary experiences in the big cities such as San Francisco, Nashville and Los Angeles. The showcase is underway as we speak and there is no stopping it, like Jaws to Chrissie Watkins.

As you plug into Jauz’ latest album, Wrath of the Wicked via his own label BITE THIS! read our heart to heart.

Jauz Wrath of the Wicked

Jauz on the record

Jauz Interview

Congratulations on your new baby!  What is one of your favorite song to sing for the baby?  

Thank you!! That’s a tough question. Half of being a parent to a newborn baby is singing them songs, even if you just make it up on the spot. I’ve definitely made up more than a few baby songs that I’ve thought I need to record before someone else beats me to it, maybe that’s my next career move! Haha. 

 What was the very first album you bought? 

I’m almost positive it was one of the first N’SYNC albums. Back in the day my goal was to be a member of N’SYNC… Needless to say that didn’t exactly work out, but I’m not mad at it. 

 What are some electronic tracks that standout to you? 

Man that’s a tough one, especially right now… there’s so much incredible music coming out literally every day it feels like. Personally, right now I’m really enamored with the wave of UK Garage that’s sweeping through tik tok and the internet large. That’s one of the genres that really inspired me to make the kind of music I always have as Jauz, so it’s so sick to see it having a moment. 

 Any wise words to share?  What is one philosophy you like to live by?

I guess one of my favorites is “Work smarter, not harder.” Being dedicated to your craft is great, but knowing how to maximize your productivity when you really have it going and allow your brain to rest when it’s reached it’s limit is really important. 

 What is your definition of wicked? 

It can definitely mean a lot of things, but to me it seemed like the perfect word to describe the kind of music coming out on The Wrath of the Wicked. Heavy, aggressive, pedal to the metal, nonstop bass music. 

 Can you share about a rising artist with an upcoming release on Bite This!? 

BT as a label has actually been on a bit of a hiatus lately other than my own releases… it’s also the 5 year anniversary of BT, and we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes on some really awesome stuff I can’t say much about just yet. Just know that it’s going to be a very exciting next couple of years for the label for sure! 

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