Vienna’s Paccu Talks Melodic Deep House Record ‘Sun is Dark’ and Plans for Argentina

In the heart of the Austrian Alps, the mountains whisper tales of musical innovation, there emerges a new breed of electronic artists, blazing trails through the realms of sound. Among them, Paccu stands tall, a beacon of creativity and vision. Hailing from Austria but finding his artistic home in the vibrant streets of Barcelona, this 22-year-old producer is swiftly carving his niche in the ever-evolving landscape of house music.

Paccu’s latest endeavor, the mesmerizing ‘Sun is Dark,’ is a collaboration with fellow Austrian virtuoso Jend and Luxembourg’s Nosi. In our interview, Paccu shared about the collaboration process and their intentions behind the progressive deep house record,

“I’ve known Jend since kindergarten because we grew up in the same area and we’ve basically been best friends ever since. Nosi is originally from Luxembourg but he started doing shows in Vienna some time ago so it was natural for us to get to know him. The night we produced “Sun Is Dark” and did a little session together we were actually producing a whole different song. At the end Nosi showed us a project he started and we instantly fell in love with it. After 2 hours of refining and adding sounds to the project we were pretty much done with the project. The mix and master was a bit of a headache but we are happy how the song turned out now!

We wanted to go into a more melodic and melancholic direction than we usually do while still staying true to our sound with this one. I wouldn’t say there is a real message behind the song but I feel like it really fits when listening to it at late hours when you are in your feelings or when experiencing emotional moments.”

Together, Paccu, Jend, and Nosi represent the vanguard of the next generation of house music producers, each bringing their own unique perspective and style to the forefront.

Paccu, Jend and Nois ‘Sun is Dark’

Jend, the 22-year-old Austrian/American/Argentinian producer is rapidly emerging as one of the most promising newcomers in house music, garnering millions of streams and catching the attention of industry heavyweights like Robin Schulz and BLOND:ISH. His distinct blend of timeless, bass-driven house and tech-house, infused with melodic basslines and captivating vocals, bridges the gap between commercial appeal and underground authenticity.


Meanwhile, Nosi, comes from humble beginnings in local venues to sharing stages with luminaries like Jeff Mills and Steve Aoki and making his Boiler Room debut. His DJ sets, brimming with emotion and energy, have earned him a dedicated following, while his foray into production sees him crafting melodic tech house gems that resonate with the depths of human emotion.

Nosi Boiler Room Set

Paccu’s rise in the house scene has been nothing short of meteoric, earning accolades and support from esteemed figures like Marten Hørger, Lee Foss, and the very collaborator who stands alongside him in ‘Sun is Dark,’ Jend. With each release, Paccu pushes the boundaries of his own craft, constantly seeking to innovate and showcase his worldly influence.

With standout tech house track’s like ‘Get Ya’ and a wondrous afro house release ‘Aeto’ we had to discover more about the burgeoning producer and be the first to put Paccu on the record.

Interview with Paccu


What are some of your favorite venues, events or festivals to play at or attend in Austria?  Favorite local artists? 

Personally I really enjoy the free raves in the summer which are hosted by different collectives all around Vienna. Recently the club “Sechser” has been doing a lot of the right steps and has quickly become one of my favorite afro house clubs in the city.

I saw you tease about going to Argentina soon on Instagram.  Do you have a tour or upcoming shows being planned?  

There are definitely plans to go to Argentina and Brazil this winter to explore the countries and do a production camp, to start working on my first album with multiple collabs. I am still talking to bookers to see what shows I can play when I’m there.

Which track of yours did Lee Foss support?  How did he show his support? 

Lee Foss sent me a direct message on Instagram and told me that he really enjoys the track, which was a big honor for me.

Do you have any other announcements you would like to share with our readers today? 

Nothing I can announce yet but there will definitely be a lot of releases this summer!

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