Interview: Sarah Tromley Talks Sultry Pop Record Gone Trap with Renowned LA Producer, Fluencee

Early this year the Portland raised, LA based singer/songwriter, Sarah Tromley released a sultry pop record, ‘Fake It’.  Now the revered Los Angeles producer Fluencee gets his hands on the vocal stems for a thunderous remix.  Turning up the heat for fall festival season with trap elements and warm waves of electrifying synths, Fluencee’s remix creates an atmosphere to get wisps away in.

Sarah comments on ‘Fake It’, “‘Fake It'” is about finding that person you don’t have to fake it for…Whether in life, sex or overall vibe. The difference between being alive and actually living. The song captures what we feel everyday as an internal battle to be good enough, pretty enough, etc. “Fake It” is about exposing your truest self and feeling free in that truth.”

This collaboration marks the beginning of a journey where Sarah ventures into the electronic dance music space as Fluencee was able to bring something unique to a short and sweet pop anthem. You may recognize Fluencee’s signature sound from official remixes of songs by The Chainsmokers and The Knocks , among others, as well as his original single “Better” which peaked at #21 on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart and continues to rack up listen, passing the 8 million mark on YouTube.

As Sarah Tromley takes her first step into the electronic music universe following a streak of well-reserved pop hits, we reached out for an exclusive interview for a proper introduction.

If you were a single note, what note would you be and what could that say about your personality?

I would definitely be an A minor key music note. It’s a key that compliments a rainy and cloudy day. I love my weather like I like my music… MOODY. I fall deep into the cathartic,  somber but hopeful music. I’m a cancer and very in tune with my emotions, so it’s just in me.

What are your favorite songs to sing at Karaoke?

Ja Rule (Down Ass B*tch) or Tamia (Into You). Hands down my go -to karaoke tracks.

What are 5 of your favorite dance music songs at the moment?

What do you enjoy about creating music?

Music is my therapy. It’s the best tool I have to communicate and express my feelings. There is no pain music can’t cure in my experience. Music embraces you when the world feels cold. It’s the prefect sound even in moments of silence.

How do you see female empowerment progressing over the next few years?

I am hoping to work with more women producers, engineers, songwriters, and musicians. I had an amazing vocal producer & engineer, JELLI DORMAN, on “Fake It”. I loved the female energy in the room while recording. Boss female representation matters both on stage and in the Backoffice. I think we are seeing a shift in mindset when it comes to women and their access to male dominated spaces and I am so here for it.

What are the little things you love about life?

The little things are often the best things in my opinion. Getting coffee with friends and going on walks with my dogs are a couple things I really enjoy. I never take the little things for granted and I’m always so grateful to have those tiny moments to reflect on how lucky I am to do what I love to do. I don’t have any family in LA—and so my friends are my family down here 🙂

What has been a few of your favorite moments along your music journey? 

I loved recording my virtual tour/virtual music festival back in February of this year which you can check out on my YouTube channel. We rented out a soundstage and hired an awesome band to create the perfect vibe. Another highlight of my journey was interning for Kanye West’ G.O.O.D Music label. That experience taught me a lot about the industry and helped shape my path. Most recently it’s been releasing “Fake It” and leaning into a sound that is different than my previous work. I see and feel the growth.

What is one lesson you could give someone learning to sing?

Find a vocal coach you trust and are comfortable with. Everyone has different teaching/learning styles. I found an amazing vocal couch, Colin Boyd, and we clicked right away. You have to be comfortable to mess up and sound less than perfect at times in order to grow. Your voice is an instrument and a muscle—you have to work it out and practice often.

Do you have any more collaborations with electronic music producers on the horizon?

I don’t have any electronic music collabs planned at the moment but I absolutely love the electronic music world and would love to dive deeper into it with some top DJ’s. So all I can say to that is “Be Patient, we’re working on it”.

If you could break or create any world record, what would it be?

I would love to create a world record for helping find the most foster dogs forever homes. Lol. Yes, I am that kinda girl. Animal welfare is so important to me and I think having the resources to change both people and animal’s lives is something I strive toward.

You can check out Animal House Shelter to help the cause. What are you excited about for the week ahead and for 2022?

More upcoming music collaborations that everyone will get to check out very soon…so stay tuned 😉

Sarah Tromley: 

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