Insominac’s Wide Awake Stories Shine Light on the Vibrant Dance Music Culture

Wide Awake Stories is a monthly podcast hosted by the Insomniac Editorial Team. They shine light on the vibrant communities and personalities that make dance music culture unique.

This episode of Wide Awake Stories, which was premiered around Valentine’s Day, is called ‘We Feel Love’.

‘We Feel Love’ ft. Alison Wonderland, Giorgio Moroder and more

The Insomniac team welcomes in the legendary Giorgio MoroderAlison Wonderland, Tucker Gumber (aka the Festival Guy) and Pickles, Insomniac’s own Art Curator. In observance of Valentine’s Day, all four guest discuss the topic of love.

This episode of Wide Awake Stories covers one of the pillars of P.L.U.R, Love.

The electronic pioneer Giorgio Moroder opens up about the creative process of producing the most iconic disco record of all time, Donna Summer‘s ‘I Feel Love‘. Tucker Gumber, reveals why he loves spending hundreds of days a year at festivals, while offering choice tips for future concertgoers. Then, Pickles gives insight on the magic behind designing an immersive environment for Insomniac events.

Closing out the show, Alison Wonderland tells us about the rabbit hole she followed once she fell in love with electronic music. Find out what has inspired her to thrive.

Listen to Wide Awake Stories #005 ‘We Feel Love’ ft. Alison Wonderland, Giorgio Moroder and others below: 

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