Become a Part of Electric Daisy Carnival with The Discovery Project

Insomniac is giving you the chance to become the next contributor to the production of Electric Daisy Carnival. After previously holding an open competition for just DJs and producers, the field has now expanded to include a wide range of interest. Whether you are a costume designer or music producer, Insomniac and EDC have teamed up with Motorola to launch The Discovery Project, a talent search competition looking for the next big name in multiple artistic categories.

Is fashion your niche? Become a part of the wildest pageantry in the music industry by designing costumes alongside Insomniac Entertainment Director Jila Alaghamandan who has also worked with Cirque de Soleil. Perhaps stage design is more your thing. Winners will get to exchange ideas with Steve Lieberman, founder of SJ Lightning. Want to have your art showcased at EDC New York? By submitting detailed sketch concepts you will have the chance to design a permanent art installation in conjunction with EDC’s head Art Curator, Ian Oosthuizen.

Specific contest requirements for each individual competition are outlined at The Discovery Project website. The site also outlines mentor biographies, past competition winners, and event photography.

Entries for the Installation Art competition must be submitted by April 21st and all EDC Vegas entries must be entered by May 12th.

Could you imagine going from bumping at house parties to performing on Electric Daisy Carnival’s main stage? With The Discovery Project, this is your chance.

Check out this video documenting past Discovery Project winners

Moto Discovery Project Episode 01 – Blaus

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