Infekt Drops Some Filth on Disciple Alliance Vol. 7

On December 10, Disciple unleashed a fiery compilation with Disciple Alliance Vol. 7 and this time, more brutal than ever! 

This compilation album pulls out all the stops in all things head-splitting dubstep, from riddim and skull crushers, to the melodic and emotional. This compilation beckons the talents of Virtual Riot, Eliminate, Chibs, Modestep, and much, much more.

Cred. Infekt

Calling attention to Infekt’s “Monkey Dance,” This heated track uses down tempo to serve the filth straight into your ears. Not hesitating on its guttural delivery, the track begins with a wonky and bouncy deviant rhythm that drops you straight into the thickness of this bass soundscape. This track is best played with the bass cranked up to 11. The sheer filth of this track is enough to evoke uncontrollable bass face and bobbing with its sinister sound design.

Disciple Alliance Vol. 7 is now available everywhere, Disciples latest offering. This is not one to sleep on.

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