HSNBRG Delivers a Single with a Stimulating Deep House Drop

‘Rollin’ the Dro’ is the second original production released by the Philadelphia based DJ duo HSNBRG. We received this single through our ‘Submit Music‘ option on the site. We liked this track so much we decided to make a full feature post about it.

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The deep house and future elements in ‘Rollin’ the Dro’ are tied together with rap lyrics, creating a g house banger.

HSNBRG ‘Rollin’ the Dro’

So far with their two original releases there is a common theme of channeling the gangster vibes of the T.V. show ‘Breaking Bad’, hence their name. For this track HSNBRG goes dark and deep yet has a unique bounce that will pleasantly surprises you.

‘Rollin’ the Dro’ is seamlessly crafted with exhilarating synth builds and a stimulating deep house drop.

If you live in or around Philly you can catch HSNBRG at local nightclubs like, Rumor and Sound Garden Hall. Make sure to pick up this single for free download from the Artist Union by clicking here

Listen to HSNBRG’s single ‘Rollin’ the Dro’ below: 

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