Staff Pick of the Week: Keope – The Canary Inukh (Dixon & Trikk Rework)

Frank Wiedemann, co-founder and owner of Innervisions, half of Âme, Howling and Schwarzmann, stumbled over beautiful yet unreleased music. On his record label BIGAMO, he features special sounds connected to his non-house-music taste that would not fit Innervisions.

Today we present a release featured on Oliver Koletzki set, an uplifting indie dance release that hits a little different but can fit nicely in any house set, Keope – The Canary Inukh (Dixon & Trikk Rework) on Germany’s BIGAMO.  Keope is experimenting with non-linear thoughts applied to the creative process. Innervision family, Dixon &Trikk offer a proper rework.

Sets from Keope, Dixon and Trikk: 

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