Hotel Garuda Puts their Spin on Lorde’s ‘Green Light’

Hotel Garuda, masters at composing widely attractive remixes, took the reigns on Lorde‘s track, ‘Green Light’. After an undoubtedly successful tour with Big Gigantic came to an end, Hotel Garuda continues to soar to to the top of the limelight with their determination to put a unique flare on big name tracks and create brand new sounds.

It didn’t take long for their remix of Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ to make it to the #1 spot on the Hype Machine’s popular music chart.

Not to mention, Louis The Child took the track to Hangout Music Festival where the crowd went crazy over it. Check out the footage of that glorious moment below.

In less than two short years, Hotel Garuda has made a huge splash in the scene by making plenty of friends and gaining a solid fan base with their pleasant sound. We are sure that Hotel Garuda will be a household name for house enthusiasts from all over. In a recent Youtube video, Manila Killa and Candle Weather from Hotel Garuda describe their humble beginnings:

In 2014, my first time playing in San Francisco we got booked at Ruby sky. Twenty people came to that show and today… our show is sold the hell out.

Hotel Garuda’s remix of Lorde’s ‘Green Light’

Please the ears by listening to their outstanding remix of Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ below.

Also, listen to Hotel Garuda’s single ‘Smoke Signals’:

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