Hotel Garuda Infuse Their Signature Treatment into Kaskade & Felix Cartal’s “Faking It”

Manila Killa and Candle Weather, together known as Hotel Garuda, have made a name for themselves by crafting originals and remixes that purely make you want to move. Their signature sound is a combination of traditional house, melodic house, and future bass, resulting in beautifully produced dance music.

The duo have had a big year releasing their first original, “Smoke Signals”, in additional to performing at EDC Las Vegas and Mixmag.

Hotel Garuda’s newest remix of “Fakin It” is a summer house anthem.

Kaskade & Felix Cartal - Fakin It Ft. Ofelia K (Hotel Garuda Remix)
Kaskade & Felix Cartal – Fakin It Ft. Ofelia K (Hotel Garuda Remix)

The original by Kaskade Felix Cartal is a guitar driven emotional house track that is absolutely beautiful. Hotel Garuda have been known to deliver quality remixes that don’t diminish from the original, something that’s not an easy feat at all. They took Ofelia K’s vocals, maintained the powerful emotional tone, and highlighted them over an infectiously groovy bassline.

This remix only improves on the original and it would be no surprise to see this remix blow up in the next few months, as many of their tracks have in the past.

Listen to their official remix of “Fakin It” below:

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