Help Lawmakers Make Scalping Bots a Thing of the Past

Help Lawmakers Make Scalping Bots a Thing of the Past
Your money should go to moments like this, not a scalper’s slush fund. Photo – Jamie Seed Photography.

Scalper: a person who resells shares or tickets at a large or quick profit (definition via Google).

Otherwise known as: the bane of the music world’s existence.

Whereas many of us buy tickets to meet up with friends, see our favorite artists, and boogie down for the time of our lives – scalpers are just about as close to a counterpoint of that statement as one can find.

Help Lawmakers Make Scalping Bots a Thing of the Past
Sign the petition to implement the BOTS Act today!

As of late, scalpers have upped their technology, using ticket bots to purchase mass quantities of tickets to effectively purchase and control an event’s ticket supply.

Once purchased, they routinely hike up their prices to ridiculous levels, charging end consumers an arm and a leg for a show that they already were scraping up their hard-earned dollars to buy a ticket to. How do we fix this?

Que the Better On-Line Ticket Sales Act. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) are hard at work trying to pass legislation that prohibits the use of bots and makes selling tickets knowingly purchased by bots punishable with a fine of $1,000 per ticket.

Currently, there is an online petition that you can sign in support of the bill, voicing your support for fair ticketing and keeping scalpers’ hands out of the pockets of yourself and others.

Your money should be for your next show, not a scalper’s pocket fund.

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