Headphone Activist Takes a Beautiful Approach to Trap Music

One of our more sought after sets during Lightning in a Bottle this year was Headphone Activist at the Do LaB. The Pittsburg based artist grabs your attention with beautiful beats comprised of usually a soothing bass and comforting feels. We found his single ‘Haiku.’ available for free download so you can add it to your collection.

Headphone Activist spins a pleasant take on bass and trap music.

Headphone Activist on the Do LaB Stage at Lightning in a Bottle photo credit Headphone Activist’s Facebook

For this single he brings in instruments such as the piano, violin and guitar. You will feel a slow yet driving trap beat covered with a smooth bassline. This track will always put your head in a good place while listening to it.

Headphone Activist ‘Haiku.’

Listen to and download for free ‘Haiku.’ by Headphone Activist:

When this track was initially released it received 200,000 views in just the first couple hours. Goes to show that he has a loyal following and is becoming a household name, if he is not already for you. His next set will be in San Diego for the Lucent Dossier Experience with Thriftworks at the House of Blues. Now, check out more of his music for free download as you wait for the day you get to see him live to be wrapped in his bass blanket.

Enjoy a collection of trap music by Headphone Activist for free.

Another single that he offers up is called, ‘Ocean Floors.’. This single is melodic, has beautiful vocal samples and a beat that will fill you up.

Listen to and and download for free Headphone Activist’s ‘Ocean Floors.’: 

Next, find one of Headphone Activist‘s most beloved tracks for free download, ‘Cloud City’. The drop hits so smooth as it relaxes the mind with an enduring bass.

Also, don’t miss out on picking up Headphone Activist‘s remix of Matstubs‘ single ‘Timekeeper’ that shows off his heavier trap side.

Listen to and download for free Headphone Activist’s Matstubs’ ‘Timekeeper’:

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