HARD Threw Their First Ever Event On The Hawaiian Islands

HARD Events had their first event in Hawaii on Saturday December 17, 2016 at the Honolulu Country Club in Kunia. There was a great deal of hype surrounding the event, since it was the first time HARD ever threw an event on the islands.

HARD is the mastermind behind huge EDM festivals like Day of the Dead, Holy Ship and HARD Summer.

Hawaii’s remoteness makes it difficult to have huge festivals here, but locals do hold their own with their Wonderland series. However, HARD Hawaii was the first time many locals had a chance to attend a festival sponsored by a name as big as HARD Events. Locals were not disappointed.

HARD brought a heavy deep bass lineup to Hawaii with their HARD Hawaii event and LA Riots, Tchami, Destructo, Rezz, Wax Motif and Mannie Fresh came to the islands to perform.

Hard Hawaii
Photo via Twitter // HARD Events

Personally I was a bit apprehensive about the lineup. I love deep and future bass, the wub wub and heavy beats. Really I do, but having all of the producers playing the same genre for five hours made me a little nervous. Would it get repetitive? Would there be too much wub wub even for me? The answer was a relieving and a resounding no. The incredibly talented artists switched up the deep sounds with house, trap and a little bit of techno.

The forecast called for possible thunderstorms all night, but that didn’t stop Hawaiian EDM lovers from flocking to HARD Hawaii in droves.

Lines were incredibly fast and efficient, and despite my perpetual lateness, I got in just in time for Wax Motif‘s set. Wax killed it, he played his popular Mad Decent debut track, ‘Krush Groove‘. People enjoyed the deep sounds and heavy beats that dominated Wax Motif‘s set.

Wax Motif, Rezz, Destructo, Tchami and LA Riots all dipped their fingers into deep beats and bass, but they also switched it up with a variety of sounds.

Hard Hawaii
Photo via HARD Events Instagram & OH DAG YO photography

Rezz came on next and she went incredibly hard, I remember leaning on a wall during the set and feeling the vibrations through the wall, up my spine and through my chest, it was unreal.

Destructo took over after Rezz and mixed up the bass sounds with what I can best describe as dirty house. Destructo set the stage for Tchami who took over with his signature future house. The French producer played his hits ‘SIAW‘ and ‘Prophecy‘, among others.

Take a listen Wax Motif’s track ‘Krush Groove’ and ‘SIAW’ by Tchami to get a feel for the night: 

LA Riots closed out the festival with a bang, bringing their electro house beats. It is safe to say, HARD Hawaii was an event that locals won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Oh and as for the rain? We handled it in true Hawaii fashion, dancing through the rain.

Check out the official HARD Hawaii playlist on Spotify by clicking here.

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