Hands Down the Best Vaporizer on the Market

As vaping continues to gather more fans as a recreational activity, manufacturers of vaping devices are racing against each other to design and manufacture the best vaporizer in the marketplace. There are now thousands of these vaping devices from different companies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The devices come in all manner of sizes, shapes, and designs with each manufacturer trying to tweak theirs to give a rather different experience from the others. The mighty vaporizer is among these e-cigarettes that the vaping community considers as one of the best in the market currently. There is just a lot to like about this vaporizer. Here are some of its features.

  1.   Portable

This vaporizer is a little too big to fit into your pocket but can easily fit your backpack. That means that you can carry it anywhere you want to. It is light enough to hold with one arm, so you can vape as you walk. It is ideal to use at home and on the go.

  1.   Temperature Control

Temperature control is paramount for a unique vaping experience. Unlike standard e-cigarettes with limited control, this vaporizer has a big range of between 40 to 210 degrees centigrade. It allows you to select the temperature to heat your content, hence varying the quality of your vapor. It has a simple plus or minus arrow button that you can use to control the temperature. It is ideal for those new to this experience.

  1.   Long-Lasting Charge

Most vaporizers take too long to charge, and their batteries run for just a short time. This device is different. When it is fully charged, you can vape for about 120 minutes consistently without having to recharge. When you need to recharge your batteries but still want to continue vaping, you can use the adapter it comes with to source power directly from a socket. It takes just a short time to recharge.

  1.   Dual Heating

This vaporizer features two heating systems that ensure high-quality vapor. The dual heating ensures continued heated throughout your vaping sessions.  You begin getting quality vapor from the moment you started vaping, to the end of your session. There are gaps in between, like with other devices that you have to wait for the temperature to rise to reheat your contents.

  1.   Automatic Switch

Unlike other vaping devices, this one has an automatic switch that puts off the device when it gets idle. It switches off after two minutes of inactivity. When you doze off in the evening while vaping, you won’t have to be concerned about your device’s batteries getting damaged or your safety. Before switching off, the device signals you of an impending switch off with a small vibration. Having this feature enables you to conserve energy, save your charge and your battery life. You do not have to keep on recharging like most other vaporizers. You can always check the level at which the battery is charged thanks to the LED display that also shows you the temperature status.