Habstrakt Exudes Genuine Individuality With Latest EP

Still dazzling fans and fellows DJs/producers alike with his incredible range of sounds and cross-genre bounding, France’s dubstep and bass producer extraordinaire Habstrakt has been hard at work in the studio again. He brings a stunning hybrid of house and future bass with ‘My People’, which got dropped recently through Never Say Die.

Opening the four-track EP is the title track, easing you into the theme of the collection that takes you through sudden switches in pace all washed down with lashings of bass and reverb. Up next is ‘Cheezus’ and ‘Back’, continuing in a similar vein – ensuring that you are soon hooked by those infectious house beats and electrifying synth energy.

Finally comes ‘She Goes’, a murkier cut that is filled with snappy drum switches.

Be sure to get your copy here!


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