Equanimous Engages in Merging Elements With Blissful Bass

Newcomer in the mix with Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers, Random Rab and Frameworks is Equanimous with his debut album, Merging Elements, via Gravitas Recordings. Merging Elements is a heart centered adventure whose inhabitant exists between bliss and bass.

Equanimous creates a fluid jam throughout the album’s opening 3 tracks, then surprises the ear with a happy trap drop for, ‘Air Bender’. Following ‘Saviour’ reinforces the love bass vibes while continuing to showcase innovative instrumentation. ZANDRO is called to collaborate on ‘Echoes’, a crunchy designed track that finally opens up with a dedicated blissful energy. Then Ruby Chase introduces her vocals to the journey, reminding us to keep our ‘Heads Up High’.

Breaching his brightest melodies yet is his ‘Dreamalilty’ featuring angelic vocalist Cyndy Fike. Finishing off the album, Equanious experiments with more tribal instruments, creating a beat your mind can really absorb. Altogether, 11 artists are featured across the Emerging Elements ceremony.

You may have witnessed Equanimous live at Northern Nights, Earth Frequency Festival, Same Same But Different Festival, The Emerald Cup, Jumpsuit Family Gathering, Totality Festival, Unifier Festival, Zen
Awakening, Colab Campout, and Stoke the World. Then with notable collaboration with The Polish Ambassador, DJ Taz Rashid, Momentology, Activation, Kiyoshi, Neffex, Scott Nice, DTO, Srikala, and Heather Christie, Equanimous has become a reliable member of the family.


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