Gramatik and Russ Liquid Rock Lollapalooza, Earn Praise From Rolling Stone

After yet another weekend jam packed with awesome tunes it is now time to sit back and reflect on the awesomeness that was Lollapalooza 2014. Electronic music was well represented with over 30 performances during the weekend including an epic hour long set by Lowtemp Records founder and electro-soul guru Gramatik. We have had the opportunity to catch the Slovenian sultan of funk more times than we can count over the years and this set was everything we thought it would be and more. One of the most reliable showman in the game, Gramatik satisfied our appetite that has been craving more nasty beats since his life changing performance at Red Rocks back in May.

While every Gramatik set continues to deliver, it was Russ Liquid who brought the show to an entirely new level as he blazed away on the saxophone from start to finish.

gramatik lollapalooza 2014
Gramatik and Russ Liquid at Lollapalooza – Photo via Gramatik

Liquid opened with a killer flute intro before blazing away on the saxophone, making that woodwind sing like Andrea Bocelli at the Teatro del Silenzio. A guest appearance by Gibbs to perform “Get a Grip” brought the funk to entirely new heights before Gramatik and Russ Liquid got right back down to business with “23 Flavors.” Deservedly so, Rolling Stone touted Gramatik as one of the 40 best things they saw at Lollapalooza. 

Click here to read the full article from Rolling Stone.

The Lowtemp roster is packed with some of the freshest electronic sounds you can wrap your ears around.

If you haven’t become keen to the sounds of Russ Liquid do yourself a favor and take a listen.

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