GoPro Falls from Drone and Lands in a Burning Man Dance Party [Video]

In a swift turn a fate a GoPro meant to capture Burning Man from the sky ended up with a completely different view of the Playa, and it’s just as stunning.

The video shows camera disconnecting and dropping from the drone carrying it shortly after takeoff.

After rocketing toward the ground at breakneck speed the camera meets a different fate than originally intended, but it was able to capture the sights of Burning Man all the same. Romping through a dance party, the GoPro is passed through the crowd to give a view of the desert shenanigans.

Is the video real? The fall alone seems to be enough to break a camera, and it’s picked up with oddly impeccable timing immediately after impact… but hey, it does seem possible, and maybe that’s just Burning Man working its magic.

The world may never know…

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Burning Man Video
Photo – Burning Man – Facebook.

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