Glitch Hop Artist Jade Cicada Creates a Bass Heavy EP ‘Byte Evaders’

Skyler Golden, known as Jade Cicada has been producing music for just over five years now and due to his knowledge and dedication in the production field his music and following is growing.

Byte Evaders EP
Jade Cicada symbol via Jade Cicada Facebook

Producing two EP’s in the last six months, Jade Cicada‘s sound style has transformed from the melodic and relaxed feel of his first EP ‘Eolian Oms‘ to a whole new style of diverse sounds in his new EP, ‘Byte Evaders’. His ‘Byte Evaders’ EP released this year, shows off heavy bass frequencies and a new uptempo beat.

Glitch hop artist, Jade Cicada, launches ‘Byte Evaders’ EP that showcases his wide selection of musical styles and easily recognizable samples.

The first song of the EP, ‘Byte Evaders’, welcomes you in gently then rapidly intensifies to more of an upbeat style. While his track, ‘Beefcake’, incorporates classic Super Mario samples such as mama mia” and “here we go.” This is just one example of his broad selection of samples used throughout his various tracks.

Allow the workings of glitch hop artist, Jade Cicada, to open you mind to think creatively, as the music is designed to do.

Jade Cicada Byte Evaders
Jade Cicada ‘Byte Evaders’ EP

Listen to Jade Cicada’s EP ‘Byte Evaders’ below:

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