Giraffage Remixes Classic 90’s Love Song Into a Slow Jam

Giraffage is San Francisco native Charlie Yin who is notorious for his hip hop/r&b influenced electronic music. What you get is addictive music that seems familiar, but pulses vibrantly with sounds of the 21st century.

Captivating audiences with his live DJ sets, Giraffage is a producer who has been on the scene since 2011.

He has worked with various artists and across multiple genres. Giraffage also doesn’t tend to stick to simple tropes, but instead allows his unique emotive style to pop through with whatever feeling he is trying to capture. Here, he successfully does just that.

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He takes the 1991 Bonnie Raitt classic, “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and revamps it entirely to a vibrant slow jam.

Just as heartbreaking as the original, Giraffage injects some R&B elements. You get a clicking, scattered hi-hat, a quintessential finger snap, and chimes when needed.

Bonnie Raitt’s voice is dropped an octave which makes her vocals seem more painful and endearing than the original.

The breath is clearer, and the vocals feel as though it is pulling you deep into your soul.

It fits perfectly under Giraffage’s lush textures he creates with his beats. It matches the perfect 90’s piano sound he puts underneath it. The track never builds up, nor takes itself a part. Instead, Giraffage expertly allows the vocal transitions of the verse and chorus to guide the overall feeling of the track. Because of this, you can find yourself listening to this on repeat for a while before realizing you’ve become hooked.

Be quick to grab the free download of Giraffage’s amazing remix, “Make You Love Me”.

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