Gill Chang Is Being Called The New Flume After His Release of ‘What You Do’

Gill Ghang offers up his happy vibe single, ‘What You Do’, to start your week off on the right foot. With the help of Aviella Winder’s encapsulating voice and Gill Chang‘s easy listening beat this track will take you on a delicate journey.

The LA producer from Taiwan is being called the new Flume

Gill shows the same smooth prowess and projects a similar air as Flume. However, his distinctive enchanting sound creates a refreshing feel that separates him from other acts. You can download ‘What You Do’ by Gill Chang for free by clicking here and compare for yourself.

Gill Chang What You Do (feat. Aviella Winder)
Gill Chang ‘What You Do’ feat. Aviella Winder

Listen to and download ‘What You Do’ by Gill Chang feat. Aviella Winder below: 

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