Ghastly – Every Night [Free Download]

Last week Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Ghastly teamed up with Dim Mak Records to release an incredibly sexy new single titled “Every Night.”

The Dim Mak label is reviving their New Noise project with Ghastly at the top of the roster, bringing deep house beats with a twist.

Ghastly - Every Night [Free Download]
Ghastly – Every Night [Free Download]
Ghastly puts his own personal spin on the growing popularity of “America’s future-bass scene,” as stated in the SoundCloud bio, with a jazz-like feel on deep house beats that bounce beautifully under laid-back vocals. This track will have you bobbing your head and tapping your foot every time you listen to it.

When asked what kind of impact he hopes to make as an artist in the dance music industry during an exclusive Dim Mak interview, Ghastly made a great point:

I want to completely crumble the boundaries we have created with genres. People are so elitist and angry about what to call a song but really we should just let it be what it is, music.

I also want to show that anyone can do anything, that no matter who you are or where you came from, you can change the world or at least your own if you truly want to.

There is definitely something to take away from Ghastly’s message here. Music is meant to be enjoyed, not fought over; and if you really want something, go and get it.

Listen to Ghastly’s single “Late Night” available for free download.

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