Tanner Petulla better known as Getter has been shocking the EDM world for a couple years now. Little did we know he would launch his own label alongside a brand new clothing line and artist collective.

Getter launches label

Getter ‘Inhalant Abuse’

Getter launches label and is planning for huge festival stops at Middlelands and Bonnaroo as well as his What The Frick tour.

Accompanying the launch his own label Shred Collective he showcases a new song, ‘Inhalant Abuse’ that was just released March 10th. In addition, Getter presents a new clothing line and mentions an artist collective. I am looking forward to his collaborations, wicked events, and more clothing releases with a slew of high end artists. Stay tuned.

This track features heavy whomps, with a repetitive beat driven by a metal drum sound.

In this piece we can hear Getter‘s awesome production skills of manipulating sounds. With his known sound of gnarly syhths and heavy bass, I am very excited to present to you this track.

Check out Getter’s track ‘Inhalant Abuse’ here:

Be sure to check out his socials to keep up with his upcoming shows, clothing, new music, and whats to come with Shred Collective. Last but certainly not least, scope out his shop by clicking here.

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