Get Your Freak On With Hijackers Throwback

This track from Hijackers is bringing back the old school style of house music that so many of us know and love and miss.

Photo via Facebook – Hijackers

It’s time to break out the old school kandi and dust off the phat pants for this throwback banger that will have you shuffling your way underground.

Bringing in some sweet chords and beats that are just hot enough to make your face cringe without hitting you too hard, “Freak On” is one of those great house tracks that will take you back to the way it used to sound. Before all the big stages and power anthems that we see so much of these days.

Having such an awesome vibe to it that meshes old school with the new, there is no doubt that this single will send the Hijackers into the fast lane to fame and that we will be hearing a lot more form them in the future.

Listen to the new single “Freak On” from Hijackers below!

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