Gareth Emery has been teasing his new track ‘Saving Light’ for months now. With the single seeing its debut during Emery’s EDC Las Vegas set, any avid Gareth Emery fan has been scouring the internet for months searching for the track like me, but to no avail. However, today Gareth finally dropped the track, a collaboration with Standerwick featuring the inestimable HALIENE on vocals. To describe the song in a word: breathtaking.

Don’t take my word for it, Gareth himself had something to say about the track:

In June, I was sitting in a hotel room when I received the final master of a vocal that blew me away. We’re talking tears, goosebumps, the whole fucking deal. It was sung by HALIENE over a basic demo that Standerwick and I were working on.

Gaz did not exaggerate, I know that I personally had goosebumps after hearing ‘Saving Light’ for the first time during Emery’s EDC LV 2016 set.

The combination of Gareth and Standerwick’s trance sounds and HALIENE’s choral vocals mesh into a haunting track that’ll have you hitting replay.

'Saving Light' feat. HALIENE

Photo via Twitter Gareth Emery

Listen to ‘Saving Light’ by Gareth Emery below: 

The music video that accompanied the release of this track is phenomenal, yet hard to watch. However, it makes an incredible statement about bullying and the power of kindness. The philanthropy breaks my heart. To describe the video, Gaz writes:

This may be be tough to watch in places, but I am so proud of it, and I hope it’s fitting for one of the most powerful songs I ever have been involved in. We’ll be donating the first month of proceeds to anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label including video stream income – that means that simply by watching this video you will be donating money to an incredible cause.

Since I am not the only Gareth fan who is way too excited about this track, Gareth is also having a Saving Light Tour. He’ll be making stops in LA, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Keep an eye on his official website for tickets and tour information.

Gareth Emery Saving Light Tour

Photo via Twitter // Gareth Emery

If you don’t want to believe my heavily biased opinion on the track, check out the video yourself:

Also, if you want to check out ‘Saving Light’ when it dropped during Gareth’s EDC intro, click the video below:

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