Getting to Know Galantis: The Swedish Duo Drops Knowledge on the Origins of Their Collaboration [Video Interview]

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Exclusive Galantis Interview

Swedish production duo Galantis has been blowing up over the past year, especially with the release of the their latest hit “Runaway (U & I).”

After highly successful solo runs as Style of Eye and Miike Snow, Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow have teamed up for what has become one of the most intriguing projects of the past year. Immediately upon entering your ears, their songs captivate you, leaving you salivating for more.

In this video interview with Do Androids Dance courtesy of Complex News, Christian and Linus discuss their origins as producers, where the name ‘Galantis’ came from, and explain the meaning behind that trippy feline moniker associated with all of their song releases.

This interview provides some pretty sick insights into one of the hottest, fastest rising sounds in the scene.

Check out the exclusive Galantis interview below.

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