Follow These Steps If You Are Considering Working As A Ghost Producer

Although once more of a taboo topic, ghost production has become an increasingly popular topic. Today, there are endless online platforms and companies to sell tracks or services, like ghost producer

More and more people are deciding to go down the hidden road of ghost producing to make a living with music, considering how difficult the market is for young composers and producers. So, it’s not a bad choice, is it? 

Today, we bring you a guide for those of you who are thinking of making money with ghost production, so you can start with a bit of an advantage. We have contacted directly My Ghost Market, one of the leading companies in this service, to give us some tips to sell songs fast on ghost production platforms; in this case, on its platform for EDM, EDMwarriors. Here is what we’ve learned: 

– Set a goal of uploading the same number of tracks per month. For example, upload 3 ghost produced tracks per month. This way, the statistics will work in your favor, and you will get sales sooner or later, consistent enough to have a stable income. Sales might come fast, but if not, have patience… 

– Upload tracks from various musical genres to expand your possibilities. 

– Follow the trend of the market. For example, in a season, if the Tech House is sounding more, that’s what will sell. 

– The commercial ALWAYS sells more. 

– Accompany your tracks with attractive art covers; there is a lot of competition and your brand is important on the platform, so image will influence sales: profile photo, biography, art covers… 

– Price your songs consistently. You must be objective and know how to find the value of your ghost produced tracks. If you overestimate your songs with respect to the market, it will be difficult to obtain sales. On the other hand, if you don’t value your tracks and put the price on the floor, it won’t help your sales either, and when you do have sales, they won’t compensate the effort invested in them. 

– Take care of your files and upload the stems correctly, as well as the project files. When a client buys your ghost produced track, and sees that your files are correct and ordered, he will be more likely to come back and buy again. 

– Set up your custom ghost producing store, use an attractive service description, add different “extra” services with your gigs to make them more profitable, and remind your customers to value your services with five-star reviews at the end of the order. 

There you have it—top advice from a leader in the industry. No doubt, we have a clearer idea of what it takes to be a ghost producer. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, this advice won’t steer you wrong! 

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