Flume Adds Intoxicating Melody to Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down”

Sam Smith has given fans a ton of great tracks since his big break with “Stay with Me” but the remixes that have stemmed from them have been absolutely unreal.

Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)
Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)

The most recent remix of such jazzy ballads has come from none other than Flume. The king of intoxicating melodies has transformed “Lay Me Down” into a ballad laced with heavy bass line with echoed vocals that will make your whole body melt.

In the original version of “Lay Me Down” Sam Smith delivers vocals that will yank at your heartstrings atop a sultry instrumental, making it one of those tracks you’s listen to with a glass of wine after a break-up. Flume takes that same element of passion that transitions it into much more of a bass-kick-driven track that lets the music to the talking.

Flume lightens the tone of the track, making it much easier to vibe to.

According to his Facebook page, Flume has been working on a whole bunch of new music that he is excited to share with this fanbase, also announcing a list of upcoming tour dates to add to your calendar.

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