Excision’s New Stage Production Steals Faces [Video]

Excision unveiled his highly hyped stage production, The Paradox, this past Friday (December 11) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and it’s freakin’ massive.

Surpassing all expectations, The Paradox has already proven itself to be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to live stage production.

It’s undeniably bonkers. Retiring his previous stage setup, The Executioner, that brought a 420 square foot rig and 150,000 watts to the world, The Paradox is the next evolution of Excision’s always cutting-edge setup.

Excision The Paradox Tour
Photo – Chatterz Photography and Excision – Facebook.

If you’re looking for a little mind-melt to change the gears of your day, watch the video from the Minneapolis show; it’s sure to throttle you just as easily as Excision’s music.

Check out Excision’s The Paradox tour dates below.

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Excision The Paradox Tour
Excision The Paradox Tour.

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