The Elevated Movement: A Refreshing Spin on Hammocks


The Elevated Movement
The Elevated Movement

Hammocks: those things that we see and instantly want to go chill. For some odd reason they have the power of speaking to us in a way that makes us think to ourselves, “Damn, that looks like fun.” Some of you may own one but I feel like I may be speaking for the most of us when I say I’ve never really ever thought about actually going shopping for one.

If this sounds familiar, well then, I’m telling you to go check out The Elevated Movement’s Kickstarter as soon as you get to the bottom of this page, as long as you can dig an incredibly dope idea.

The Elevated Movement

Get Lifted with The Elevated Movement

The Elevated Movement lead by Matt Santens is completely changing the world of hammocks. Say goodbye to the days of just taking an oversized blanket and tying it to two trees. Matt has turned his passion for exploring nature, hanging out with friends, and just having a good time into something that everyone will grow to love.

Instead of the usual mass produced hammocks that look like someone took a camping tent and just tied it to a tree, The Elevated Movement offers hammocks that are printed with custom, independent artist designs. With artists like, Android Jones, Chris Dyer, Totemical, Phil Lewis, Dima Yastronaut and more, there is definitely a design that will blow your mind.

The Elevated MovementNone of this tickle your fancy? You can even submit your own fresh design to create arboreal bunk that is even closer to your heart.

Now, this is where things get cool. For every hammock sold, the artist that designed that specific hammock, gets 30% of the profits. Plus all of this happens right here, in the US of A.

The other aspect of the company that is extremely commendable is their commitment to sustainability. Every hammock is made from 100% recycled materials.

But it gets better; for every hammock sold, The Elevated Movement has teamed up with Plant with Purpose to plant two trees for every hammock sold (not only because trees are super awesome for the environment, but because you need to two trees to hang a hammock!)

It isn’t everyday that I get to buy something that I not only want, but get to tell all those people always nagging me not to throw beer bottles in the trash that I am doing something that is actually positive for the planet.

The Elevated MovementThe Elevated Movement has made something that any festival-goer can really appreciate. The thing is they are still in their start-up process and need our help to make this not just something that sounds cool, but something we can literally go buy. They have a campaign on Kickstarter up and running and just after a three days they’re already past 70% of their pledge requirement.

So instead of wasting more of your guys time, go check them out! Hell, grab one, and maybe you’ll run into me at Counterpoint, Summer Camp, Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, or The Hudson Project this summer!

Please share their Kickstarter link with any/all of your friends! Little things like this really do make a huge difference!

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