Electro Pop Mainstay, William Black Releases ‘Deep End’ on Lowly.

Orange County native William Black just dropped a very personal track titled ‘Deep End’ via Lowly. Black is still relatively new to the big time and has gained a large fanbase with his unique “sadboi” music style. His relentless work ethic has earned him recognition and respect from artists like NGHTMRE, Slander, Illenium and Said The Sky.

What makes “Deep End” so beautiful is the smooth and soulful vocals of Megan Redmond. She has such a powerful voice that portrays the message of the song exceptionally. The pop house beat starts off slow and builds at a nice pace throughout. It’s easy on the ears and definitely a daily listener. The song talks about when you reach the end of your line, and you can no longer help yourself, it’s time to ask for help. 

William spoke about the song and expressed that he wrote it about a time when he was going through a deep depression and sought out help instead of succumbing to the pain. So many of us get caught in the idea that asking for help makes you weak, but in all reality, it’s the complete opposite. You can hurt alone or heal together; it’s a choice! 

William is a graduate of the prestigious Icon Collective music school in LA, where he honed in his tear-jerking style that we have all come to know and love. He always manages to hit home with his meaningful music, and this track is something special that so many can resonate with. 

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