EDM A Multi Billion Dollar Industry

Image via Insomniac
Image via Insomniac

Ever look at the EDM scene from and economics stand point (besides the day tickets are released and you have to pay for them)? Ever really think about how much money it actually generates for the world economy and how much your love for the beats is really worth?

According to the IMS (International Music Summit) held in Ibiza on a yearly basis- EDM is now accountable for a whopping $4.5 billion consumer market per year, on an international basis. This includes all types of endorsements that world renown DJs are receiving from companies such as Ralph Lauren (Avicii), Cover Girl Magazine (Nervo), Seadoo (Deadmau5).

It also includes all these big name festivities that we all love to attend as well as record sales and everything in between. So whats in it for the geniuses behind the turntables that make all these stats possible?

DJ/Producer Value

Besides all those really big numbers, we all like to know how much our favorite stars really make. Lets face it, its pretty cool to see how much all these big name superstar DJs are pocketing per set every time they blow us away for the hour or so.

Images via Forbes
Images via Forbes

 For  starters, the highest paid DJ/Producer made $46 million last year. Thats right , Calvin Harris managed to rake in more than Jay-Z and Katy Perry themselves. Tiësto pocketed a nice $32 million in the year 2013 according to Forbes Magazine. In third place came the legendary David Guetta who also made a well deserved $30 million last year. Others on the list included:

4. Swedish House Mafia : $25 million

5. DeadMau5: $21 million

6. Avicii: $20 million

7. Afrojack $18 million

8. Armin van Buuren $17 million

And tied for 9th and 10th highest paid EDM DJ/producers of 2013 are the very much recognizable faces of Kaskade and Skrillex. Strong numbers for a come back genre that has been around since the 80s but somewhat relatively outcasted. These staggering numbers make EDM, a multi billion dollar industry as well as one of the highest grossing genres of this day in age. Check out a Soundcloud Music Downloader to listen to some of their chart-topping hits.

Besides all that peace, love, unity and respect that these artists help spread, they get to go home with a nice pay day along with it. Talk about feeling good about your job at the end of the day. No doubt that 2014 will be the coming of age for true electronic dance music scene, but in a world that runs on money, lets wait and see who will take the jackpot home at the end of this promising year.

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