EDM: Where Taking Kandi From Strangers Is Perfectly Fine

Trading kandi is a tradition rooted deep within the electronic dance music community.

For the EDM family, kandi kids in particular, kandi is much more than beads strung together.

These beaded constructions represent moments, lifelong friendships and much more. It’s the way we spread kindness, immortalize magical moments, and introduce new ravers to our lifestyle. Each strung together momento represents our expression of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (PLUR). These beads are put together with good vibes and high hopes for another exciting adventure. The kandi comes with the promise of a new friendship and an ever-lasting memory. This is our culture and our family continues to grow with each beaded exchange.

Photo - AO Pictures.
Photo – AO Pictures.

Ravers make their bracelets as extensions of themselves, as small tokens of their personality. The bracelets may have various colors and shapes, different words, numbers and symbols. They’re all comprised of something unique and creative to describe feelings of excitement, happiness and anticipation for an upcoming escapade.

We trade the bracelets to remember one another and the experiences we have shared.

Strangers become family during this heartfelt exchange and the connection might last throughout the night or for an entire lifetime.

The possibilities are endless, but that’s the charm of trading with so many different ravers. You meet people with various cultures, sexual orientations, backgrounds, religions, nationalities and overall beliefs. We accept one another by trading kandi. There is a silent, mutual understanding that we are all one being, one heartbeat, and one movement. We are all here for the same reason; to spread love and immerse ourselves in the beauty of a united nation of dreamers.

It's all about the love. Photo - AO Pictures.
It’s all about the love. Photo – AO Pictures.

The kandi swap has five major gestures.

The first step is Peace. During this stage the trading ravers make the peace sign and touch finger tips. Next, both people join hands to form a connected heart. This step symbolizes Love. Unity is the touching of their open palms. Then, the bonding friends interlace their upright fingers to show Respect. Without breaking the clasped hands, the kandi is passed one at a time over the interlocked knuckles. Now that the kandi is exchanged a new bond has been formed and both ravers have a new memory to add to their collection.

Trading kandi is more than just a cliché rave habit. It’s an opportunity to connect with those around you, to step outside your comfort zone and learn about the world and those who encompass it. Kandi is an accessory to our souls, expressing our emotions with simple words and colors.

We give each other a piece of ourselves and cherish the link that connects us to one another.

EDM Photos
Photo – AO Pictures.

So go home and gear up for your next rave. Use your creativity and put together a couple of bracelets to match your personality. Trade and create new experiences with people from all different walks of life.

Enjoy the happiness that accompanies meeting new people with the same interests as you.

Spread the PLUR.

Check out this introduction to kandi making courtesy of our friends at IHeartRaves.

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