EDC Las Vegas Releases 2016 Official Trailer and Wow, Just Wow

We’re under two months from one of the most magical gatherings in all of electronic dance music and Insomniac just slapped us in the face with feels.

The official EDC Las Vegas 2016 trailer is upon us, and nearly 10 minutes of pure bliss is ready to enrapture you and bring the feels.

Good luck keeping a dry eye. Kleenex not included. From Electric Daisy Carnival’s YouTube Channel:

Two decades ago, a seed was planted, and from it grew a flower so full of light, love, and wondrous sounds, that people came from places near and far to behold its beauty. It grew and bloomed, spreading across the globe, while the sky above filled with powerful energy.

Today, the Daisy’s deepest roots are in the desert, where EDC Las Vegas has become a world of its own. As we celebrate 20 Years Under the Electric Sky, journey with us through this neon landscape. Explore each of the fully themed areas, the colorful carnival rides, hundreds of theatrical performers, interactive art installations and over 400,000 beautiful people. This place is full of possibility, and you’ll never run short of new things to discover.

Electric Daisy Carnival returns to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 17-19. For more information, visit the official EDC Las Vegas website here.

See you under the Electric Sky.

EDC Las Vegas 2016 Trailer
The Kinetic Field at EDC Las Vegas. Photo via Facebook/EDC Las Vegas