Another astonishing Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas has come and gone leaving us in complete awe of just how over the top the festival is, and how even at the 22nd edition of the festival, it keeps getting better every year. Just a few weeks ago we were packing up our outfits, furs, sequins, and camping gear, while full of excitement and wonder of what the epic weekend had in store for us.

Now that it’s passed, it almost seems like a dream, quite possibly the best dream of your life.

photo credit Jake West for Insomniac

After our long (but worth it) awaited entry into the campgrounds, we settled our belongings and headed to wander the Mesa and find our friends. As we approached, the Mesa was already filled with vibrant energies from beautiful like-minded souls ready to take on the auspicious weekend ahead of us. The Mesa was a treat; blessed with the presence of  the Parliament Art Car for the Kick-off Pre-Party.

photo credit Skyler Greene for Insomniac
photo credit Skyler Greene for Insomniac

We ‘banged the night away to some of the filthiest drops from Habstrakt, G Jones, and Excision, with surprise sets by NGHTMRE b2b Slander and Wavedash. The Mesa offered everything from transformational classes and goat yoga (yes, yoga with goats), bumper cars and a roller rink, food and a bar, vendors, and a sandbox, along with a stage in front of four pools for us to splash in. Our experience was beyond pleasant, and those of us at thatDROP will definitely be camping in the coming years.

Our entry to the festival on Friday was nothing short of breathtaking, as it is every year.

Skyler Greene for Insomniac

You immediately become a kid again, this rush of excitement takes over you and you are so happy to be home after another long year. The music was sensational, feeling the bass vibrate through you at the front of Basspod definitely set the tone for bass filled weekend ahead. Some of our favorite moments of the evening included Yheti throwing down an unreleased remix of ‘Ichabod Crane’, G Jones B2B Eprom under the fireworks was a memory to never forget, and Flux Pavilion B2B Doctor P throwing down bangers that broke our necks.

photo credit Jake West for Insomniac

We also stopped by Tiesto’s beautiful tribute to Avicii at Kinetic Field to check out the new stage design that held two towering majestic beings which showed the meaning of Kinetic Love while guarding the heart of the festival. The 405-foot wide by 98-foot tall structure spanned over 350,000 square feet, the stage featured 427 moving lights, 44 flame units, 40 lasers and eight confetti blowers.

photo credit Jake West for Insomniac
photo credit Ivan Meneses for Insomniac

While wandering we stumbled upon a LED attraction that resembled that of a flower hanging upside down, as we approached it, we were pleasantly surprised to hear classical music such as Bach and Beethoven, which made it the perfect place to lay down and enjoy the light show, meditate, or just take a breather. I actually spent a lot of time here, it was one of my favorite spots of the weekend.

Julian Cassady for Insomniac
photo credit Jake West for Insomniac

While here we also learned about the 80-foot high, installation by Kevin Clark – Flower Tower – making it the largest installation brought to life as the pillar of flowers sat high above crowds, amazing us with its volcanic eruptions from 31 pyro locations hidden within the tower.

Enjoy a playlist based on our favorite sets: Gorgon City, Green Velvet, Modestep, G Jones, EPROM, Detlef, Ekali, Rezz, Excision and Shiba San.

aLive Coverage for Insomniac

Saturday we were so excited to see Modestep after waiting many years for their return to EDC. The last time Modestep made an appearance was 2012. Having been a huge fan for a very long time, this was my favorite set of the weekend. We also noodled hard to the killer sounds of Ekali at Cosmic Meadow; Space Jesus, who brought out Champagne Drip for an unreleased banger called “Screwup”; Zeds Dead, who had us in a hypnotic state as usual; and Green Velvet at Neon Garden, who happened to throw down our second favorite set of the weekend in the new open-aired nightclub in the desert. The 28,000 square-foot dance floor generated an intimate space for fans to dance under the giant disco diamond while they enjoyed substantially groovy beats by world famous house and techno artists.

Jake West Photography for Insomniac
aLive Coverage for Insomniac

Sunday came so fast it was almost nostalgic. There came a moment when I sat back and took it all in while looking at all of the euphoric activity happening in front of me. The lights, the energy, the infinite number of sound waves bouncing off the inner walls of the speedway, and right then, I realized just how fortunate we are to be able to be a part of something so special and grand.

We made the most of the final hours as we watched them pass; Sunday’s are always a little bittersweet. We grooved out to Big Wild, as he put us in a trance of good vibes, we let our inner Rezzbians run wild while we threw ourselves around at Rezz’s hypnotizing set, Spag Heddy came threw with solid wubbs, and we got our final noodle in with The Binches.

The Holy Mountain for Insomniac

Slowly making our way up the stands and back out to camp for the after party with CamelPhat and Solardo, hosted by Bunny Eachon from Rabbit in the Moon, I sat for a moment to give my exhausted legs a break and took in one last glance of the ordinary speedway that was transformed into our paradise for just three short days.

I watched the sun peak through the gray clouds as the final beats boomed inside.

aLive Coverage for Insomniac

The after party was poppin’, literally, it seemed like everyone was there. The energy was high, and it seemed no one wanted to quit as we grasped onto the last of the music to be played before heading to pack up our camp. For many of us, EDC Las Vegas is Home. Year after year, Pasquale and his team come back bigger and better, all for us. Insomniac never falls short in creating an oasis where we are free. We are beyond grateful to have been able to be a part of this beautiful community and history in the making. Thank you Insomniac for having us, we can’t wait to be back next year.

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