Ecstasy Presents Amsterdam Dance Event With a Uniquely European Problem


Amsterdam Dance Event and Dutch mental health and addiction resource the Trimbos-instituut have issued official statements detailing the dangers of an extremely potent batch of ecstasy pills that are currently making their way across Holland.

Levels of the pills’ active ingredient (MDMA) have tested as high as 300 mg, an extremely high dose. It’s necessary to point out that although the pills are stamped with the ADE logo, the event is not associated with the pills in any way.

The official posted warning signs in Holland greatly differ from the response that would be offered in the United States. We think that Holland has it right.

This news comes as an interesting antithesis to the problem faced here in the United States, where strings of hospitalizations and deaths from unknown and adulterated substances sold as MDMA have unfortunately become commonplace.

Organizations like The Bunk Police and DanceSafe have undertaken substance testing initiatives in order to keep potential users safe, but they have been met with the exact opposite response from our country’s lawmakers.

Instead of Holland’s approach of warning their populace to protect them from danger, our national response is to sweep the problem under the rug.

Instead of working with national institutes to warn and protect users, it has been made illegal (in many cases) for event promoters to even allow these organizations to operate at their events and music festivals. Why? Because it admits that drug use is real, and that it actually takes place.

Is our current societal approach right? No, flat out, and we applaud ADE, the Trimbos Institute, and the Netherlands as a whole for doing their part to keep their citizens safe.

We applaud ADE, the Trimbos-instituut, and the Netherlands for doing their part to keep our scene safe. Photo - Onthis Photography.
We applaud ADE, the Trimbos-instituut, and the Netherlands for doing their part to keep our scene safe. Photo – Onthis Photography.

Will this simple blog post lead to an overarching change in our system? The magic 8-ball says not likely. But can it lead to further discussion? We’d like to think so.

In a world where our government has forgotten that its duty is to protect us, its people, it’s then up to us to remind our leaders of their true mission. Sparking debate and logical discussion is the first step toward change, and from there alternatives to the current problem can be found.

Is the approach in Holland perfect? Probably not, as nothing is truly perfect. Is it better than our approach? Guaranteed.

If the same information were brought to light here, it would be illegal (under the Rave Act) for promoters and event organizers to post warning signs detailing the risks because then they would be “admitting” that they knowingly operate an event where drug use is taking place.

Current policy ignores the real societal problem, but we won’t. People use drugs. They have throughout history, and there are no signs showing that they’re about to stop now. Our goal should be to educate to protect, not ignore and avoid.

Maybe this message will fall upon deaf ears, and maybe we’re ranting to ourselves; we’re okay with that. If one reader agrees with us and decides to spark discussion  that eventually leads to saving a single life, then it’s all been worth it. Those, friends, are words that we will forever stand behind.

You can view the official Trimbos-instituut statement and the “ADE” pressed pill report below.

Stay safe, friends. Photo - AO Pictures.
Stay safe, friends. Photo – AO Pictures.

Official statement from the Trimbos-instituut (translated to English via Google Translate):

Dangerous ecstasy pill in circulation with ADE logo
October 2, 2015

In recent weeks to the DIMS repeatedly tablets handed with an ADE logo. These pills may contain live dangerously high doses of MDMA. Because the pills are reported across the country, and because of the doses with dangerously high peaks, has enacted a nationwide warning.

ADE logo refers to the Amsterdam Dance Event from October 14 to 18 There are warning posters made that are distributed nationwide through institutions. Also targeted users are alerted via forums for drug users.

Logo: ADE
Color: light yellow
Shape: square

Note: There are several variants of this pill in circulation.

The Trimbos Institute warns in collaboration with addiction and prevention already several years- including through various forums where users of ecstasy are located – for getting higher-dose ecstasy tablets. Use of high-dose ecstasy is extra risky and increases the risk of overdose, causing overheating, acute psychotic symptoms, arrhythmias and liver failure can occur. Use can have fatal consequences.

The Trimbos Institute is based among other things on recent data collected by the DIMS (Drugs Information and Monitoring System) and MDI (Monitor Drug-related incidents).

You can also view the Pill Report here.

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