Borgore Discusses Almost Being a Ballet Dancer and the Transition from Death Metal to Dubstep

In a recent interview with Do Androids Dance, Borgore sat down to discuss his strict educational upbringing and how the prospect of being a ballet dancer led to him playing the saxophone. He continues to discuss how this led to his desire to be a drummer in a heavy metal band, the similarities to dubstep, competing with twelve year-olds, and the uniting power of music.

Music has the power to bring peace […] You go to Ultra and you see all these flags from all these countries […] I have alot of other DJs that are from Arab countries […] For example, Krewella […] We are getting along amazing […] We love the same stuff. We love each others’ music. We love to hang out […] We might have politics between our countries but as human beings we are the same people.

Photo via Facebook – Borgore

Check out the full Borgore interview with Photek below.



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