Don’t Know What to Watch on Netflix? Here’s a Guide

Nowadays everyone is in a rush and life is very busy. Everyone looks for shortcuts, especially when people want to watch something for entertainment.  You can look up a guide about shows online and find the best content for your weekday after-work relaxation time or get the best shows to watch on the weekend. This helps people save time and helps to relieve them from finding what to watch.  Selecting a show on Netflix for relaxing can also be very tiring, due to the multiple options and not knowing what to watch.

So, here is a guide that we have made to discuss the best shows on Netflix. Those of you who want to watch can simply search these and get started on watching these for an all-around mix of thrill and boredom-killing shows on Netflix. The best thing these days is that you can even watch Netflix on cable TV through your provider and always have a connection to it online. One such provider offering you a connection to Netflix on their platform channel lineup is Optimum Cable, which allows you to get Netflix linked to your channel lineup and you can switch anytime you may want to. Get reading on this list and watch these amazing shows in your free time.


Wednesday is one of the most popular television series; it is worth watching the show. It belongs to the fictional, supernatural, and comedy horror genre. It is about the Addams Family, with the eldest and the only daughter in the family named Wednesday Addam who is shown to be very bull-headed and has a very tragic and dark personality. She went to the boarding school named Nevermore Academy, which is a high school, and goes through stressful events and awkward supernatural happenings around her. The story is all about how she handles them calmly. She betrays her powers and there is a mystery of a murder that is linked to her family.


It has a large audience, in the 90s era BoJack Horseman made its mark in television sitcoms. Now, it has many changes, it belongs to an American comedy-drama. BoJack Horseman, who’s an alcoholic horse, makes it up of a darkly funny comedy. It is based on self-hatred and failed relationships. It has a great fan following and is a loved show.


Three seasons of Emily in Paris have been released and become a great success. This television series received a lot of love and positive feedback. An American romantic comedy series is very light-hearted. Emily used to work in Chicago for a marketing firm. Suddenly she was transferred to Paris as the one employee who had to be transferred got pregnant. Although she is unfamiliar with the French language, with hopes that she will survive this way. She later gets into trouble and the story goes on. It is a rom-com based on fantasy.


Stranger Things has been the talk of the town since its first season was released. It belongs to the fantasy, thriller, mystery, and horror genres. Stranger Things is about a young boy named Will, who went missing. Indiana teenagers struggle against the supernatural. The whole family and friends are investigating along with the local police. As they get more indulgent, they find out mysterious and supernatural clues. The story takes a turn when a head-shaved girl enters the story.  It is very interesting and worth watching. Four seasons of this television series have been released and have a touch of the 90s era.


It is a very strong compelling story produced in Korea. The genre of Squid games is action, mystery, and drama. It was released in 2021 and became the most talked about in town. It is about an old man aged 47 who is not able to get custody of his daughter’s custody. He is a gambler and is in great financial crisis and debt, he lives on his sick mother’s income. In this game, there are a lot of men and women as contestants, mostly in debt risking their lives to get enough money for their crisis. All the games have twists and turns that make it more difficult.


The Queen’s Gambit is a drama genre. It is about a school-going girl who is an orphan. Her great mind and struggles emotionally and mentally as well as being a chess player are portrayed. The elite player is addicted to drugs and alcohol from the very beginning. The story is from the mid-1950s. The title is also referring to the chess technique that is gambit; giving up the piece for a later positive move. It is such an interesting television series with lovely feedback, one should watch this series.


Netflix is one of the most used apps in recent times. After a busy, tiring day and after hectic exam seasons, and business trips everyone looks forward to chilling and relaxing while watching Netflix. For that, sorting in terms of what to watch is very important, else it is very time-consuming to search for what to watch and even worse to leave a show in between just because it is not with watching.

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