Ditch the Label Just Launched an Anti-Bullying Awareness Mixtape

With the help of Mixcloud, the UK non-profit Ditch the Label just launched an anti-bullying awareness Mixtape with guest mixes from supporters like Michael Woods, Hellberg, and Futuristic Polar Bears.

Ditch the Label Just Launched an Anti-Bullying Awareness Mixtape
Ditch the Label partners with Mixcloud to create a Mixtape with guest dj lists.

Ditch the Label is a completely self-funded charity focused on ending bullying and inequality in all its forms.  It’s not hard to see why artists like Charlie Hedges are jumping on board to help with the non-profit’s campaign.

Ditch the Label Just Launched an Anti-Bullying Awareness Mixtape
Charlie Hedges is one of the many artists partnering with Ditch the Label for their Mixtape

Ditch the Label provides support for people who have experienced bullying in a variety of mediums, from social networking to collaborations with schools and other online communities.  By exploring the nature of bullying, they use pioneering research techniques to study and predict the landscape of bullying, allowing them to change their services with the changing tide of bullying.

We’ve all known someone who has been bullied, or been bullied ourselves, of bullying in some capacity.  I personally remember when my parents chose to withdraw me from public school and home-school me after kids tried to push me out a window in 6th grade, and the bus rides home that I would spend in tears, desperately trying to tune out the taunts and physical abuse.  Ditch the Label is made possible by a creative and innovative group of people, passionate about spreading a message of equality and acceptance, in exactly the same way our EDM culture does.


EDM is an all-inclusive club, one that prides itself on its acceptance of others, one that exudes nothing but love for anyone and everyone, even if you are not an EDM fan yourself.  Ditch the Label’s mission of ending bullying and the impacts it has on not only those who are bullied, but the others affected like parents, friends, co-workers resonates with our community.  The list of artists lining up to support the organization is inspiring.

International Expansion for Ditch the Label

Ditch The Label even just announced that this year they will be expanding their efforts internationally to the USA and Mexico as well as the UK.

There are a variety of ways to support Ditch the Label’s work, from monetary donations and fundraising, to buying their merch or donating equipment.  Everything they received is used directly to support they are giving a voice to, to the people they are helping to find their self-worth and acceptance.

Ditch the Label Just Launched an Anti-Bullying Awareness Mixtape
Michael Woods is another artist supporting Ditch the Label and their efforts to end bullying and inequality.

For more information about Ditch the Label, and to donate, visit their website at www.ditchthelabel.org

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