Discover the Best Places in Amsterdam

If you are visiting the capital of Netherlands, i.e. Amsterdam, you will not want to miss anything exciting here. It is a popular tourist destination within Europe. It is viewed as the country’s leading cultural hub. The city has well-preserved historic homes which attract people. It is exciting traveling the city by foot, with many breath-taking bridges which link the city’s islands. You can also enjoy delicious food, coffee, drinks, etc. here.

Read on to discover the best places in Amsterdam:

Art collections at Rijksmuseum

If you love art you do not want to miss the Rijksmuseum. This was founded in 1798 and has a collection of rare art along with antiquities. You can get to see cultural artifacts that are from the 13th century going till the modern day.

Apart from the painting, there is a well-stocked library here as well. There are thousands of books here along with manuscripts. You will get to see displays that concentrate on the development of art as well as culture within the Netherlands. Here there are even exciting collections of traditional handicrafts, modern art styles, as well as medieval sculpture.

Jordaan Neighborhood

Jordaan tends to be a popular Amsterdam neighborhood. It is famous for its residential areas along with garden courtyards lovely markets, plus upscale boutiques and eateries.

There are many fun things to do here also. You can take a pleasant stroll whilst enjoying the picturesque streets. Spend time going to top-rated tourist attractions found here.

It is popular as the location of the famous Anne Frank House. There is also the Woonboots Museum which is a floating museum concentrating on houseboats. There is even the Amsterdam Cheese Museum.

On a Saturday morning, Lindengracht becomes a massive open-air market. Here there are local crafts, produce, flowers, along with goodies. On Monday in the morning, Westerstraat has many vendors’ stalls selling many goods in a flea-market type style bazaar.

People enjoy sitting at Jordaan’s restaurants along with cafes. People-watching is enjoyed here whilst listing to traditional Dutch folk music.

Botanical Gardens

It is possible to go to one of the world’s oldest and exciting botanical gardens. Those who love nature will be excited to know that Amsterdam has many exciting nature destinations. Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is the city’s botanical garden. It is regarded as being one of the world’s oldest.

It was founded in 1638 and is a much-visited attraction. There are rare plants along with trees located here. Get to see exotic flowers as well.

Apart from this, there are many other exciting places to visit. You can also relax after your busy day seeing the city by going to a coffeeshop Amsterdam to enjoy a coffee after your tour. There are many exciting places to do this in Amsterdam. Some even have stuff like super silver haze along with other cannabis products. Amsterdam is indeed a city that you should visit if you get the chance to. You will not regret doing this at all.